GSU Celebrates LGBTQ History Month


(photo courtesy of Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Madelynn Prieboy, Phoenix Staff Writer

(photo courtesy of Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Governors State University will celebrate and educate people on the history of the LGBTQ community throughout October. The Center for Student Engagement and Intercultural Program asks students to participate with a virtual discussion. 

Though a date has yet to be announced, the meeting will feature a speaker to “discuss some of the disparities and issues facing the LGBTQ community as it pertains to voting,” said the events flyer for Voter Engagement. “The speaker will also the impact of disproportionate voter restrictions and how we can not only raise awareness, but can influence change as well.” 

The speaker also has not been announced but more information will be sent to students’ emails and will be available to view in Jaguar Connections, which can be accessed by signing in with a GSU username and password.