Inking Outside The Box

Professor Gretchen Jankowski Presents a Gallery of Works

Madelynn Prieboy, Phoenix Staff writer

Gretchen Jankowski amid her soft sculptures. (Photo courtesy of Alya Ahmed)

Locked in clear resin are colorful forests brimming with multicolored bubbles and streaming with curved threads. Large, organic cushions burst from the wall, and from lounge chairs that would fit in a mossy jungle. This fantasy exists in GSU Professor Gretchen Jankowski’s artwork. 

The McCord Gallery and Cultural Center in Palos park opened an exhibition of Jankowski’s art to the public on Oct. 13. The exhibit is titled “Inking Outside the Box” because it features many of Jankowski’s mixed media works that utilize her relief prints. Also present are her soft sculptures: large, hand-sewn fabric works that rise from the walls where they are hung, as well as from the lounge piece that greets guests at the entrance.  

Black Pods, Mixed Media (Photo Courtesy of Ayla Ahmed)

All of the works in the gallery suggest the idea of a microscopic viewpoint that asks for all of the viewers’ attention. Cellular forms are layered over and over to create depth and draw people to actually look inside of the work and at its tiny details.  

Jankowski’s work will remain open at the McCord Gallery until Nov. 2. The gallery’s hours are from 10 am- 4 pm, Monday through Saturday, and it is located at 9602 W. Creek Road, Palos Park, IL 60464. Visit the website or email [email protected] for more information.