There’s No Place Like Viewing From Your Own Home- Governors State University’s Men’s Basketball Jaguars Team Home Game Win!

Gaston Beltran, Phoenix Staff Writer

Governors State University’s Men’s Basketball Jaguars won our most recent home game on Friday, October 23 finishing with seventy-seven points against the East-West University Phantoms’ sixty-eight points. This was a great turnout, despite working around certain COVID parameters! Jaguars sustained and pushed back with force as they began to climb with close rebounds and a lot of throws from the three-point line! This event was live streamed from  where anyone who wanted to watch the game could view it from the comfort of their own home. And just from watching players’ reactions during the game, it didn’t feel much different from any other event- since this was a basketball game where there were no spectators due to COVID-19. The only people in attendance were those needed for the function and procedures of the basketball game itself- like players, referees, judges, and the Media departments production team. In a way most of my attention was on the game, while part of me would get distracted at times and think to myself- wow, our gym is fairly empty due to social distancing constraints no thanks to COVID-19. This view made it hard to determine the kind of experience I should have live streaming the game when I’m sure anyone like myself, would much rather be there in person- absorbing the true passion and spirit of a home basketball game. I mean this is the Jaguars we’re talking about so let’s make that clear. Also, let’s not forget about any technical Internet connection issues anyone may have experienced during the live stream event: trust that you’re not the only one who had to deal with the clunky and indelible lags during the basketball game skipping from play to play and cutting into the driving action(sad face) it happened to me as well. Hopefully, the production team was able to look at those laggy moments and come up with a game plan on how to improve the live streams from their end if at all possible, or what they could recommend to help others deal with this potential issue. But for those watching from anywhere else- please make sure your Internet connections are stable because sometimes but not always things can get clunky on your end, impacting your viewing experience too. 

For more information on the final box scorewhat the rest of the Fall season will look for GSU’s sports, and the live streams take a look at these links: