Global Studies Learning Scholarship

Maria Murillo, Phoenix Staff Writer

(Photo courtesy of Vladislav Klapin)

The Global Service-Learning Scholarship was made to allow GSU students to have the opportunity to serve abroad. Though we are not able to travel during this time, a lot can be done in our own communities. To any GSU student who are front-line workers in the midst of this pandemic or serving in their local communities, can provide an essay describing what one is doing to make life better for the community or as a front-line worker/ first responder during COVID-19. 

The requirements for this scholarship are to be enrolled as a full-time student with a minimum GPA of 2.5 undergraduate or 3.0 graduate and doctoral; and in a good financial and community standing at GSU. Global Studies Scholarship will have 5 scholarships of $1,000; the deadline to submit the application is this Friday November 6. 

Further required documentation and information on how to submit your application will be in the link below where you will also study abroad scholarships.   

Feel free to contact The Office of International Services at [email protected] with any questions.