Spring Registration: It’s Not Too Late to Sign Up for 2021 Classes

Gaston Beltran, Phoenix Staff writer

Attention Governors State University Students. Have you completed the requirements for Spring 2021 Registration? If you have not, now is the time to get it done!  

One of the first important tasks to complete is to apply for financial aid or renew your application if you’ve been using financial aid. All too often, many of us have experienced some of the major pitfalls associated with late registration: paying late fees; you can’t enroll in a class because it’s either full or because it was dropped from the curriculum because not enough students signed up for it. Second guessing your late choices also doesn’t give you any peace of mind as you work to fulfill credit requirements.  

And one last piece of advice regarding FAFSA, if you don’t apply for financial aid or renew it, you will not be qualified to receive additional income that comes with being eligible for Federal Work Study. The work study program means students can be employed by the university and the money earned does not have to be repaid.  

Not many students can afford to turn their backs on the opportunity to earn a form of financial aid that need not be repaid.  

Another factor students should keep in mind is applying for scholarships! Everyone, this is a golden opportunity that so many students miss out on because they either didn’t know there were scholarships being given out, missed the deadline, or couldn’t fulfill the requirements they would have needed if they had enough time to complete scholarship applications. Here is the link to the GSU page for scholarship applications. https://www.govst.edu/scholarships/  

There are scholarship opportunities for many students from many varying backgrounds and disciplines, so please consider applying for some scholarships today. 

Again, I cannot stress it enough to make sure you are keeping up with the many processes for registration since it is a multi-step process with some optional choices. And when you are ready to sign up for financial aid or renew your application you can go to this link; it will take you to the FAFSA home page. https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid  

You can sign up for classes through your myGSU Portal. This link will take you to the GSU Home page and from there, click on the “MyGSU” tab to access your Portal.