Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S Next Generation System Launch


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Xbox Series X (left) Series S (right)

Gaston Beltran, Phoenix Staff writer

It’s finally here! Microsoft’s new next generation gaming consoles Xbox Series X and Series S have hit the shelves and are ready for all gamers to dive in, embracing a new era of gaming. This time Microsoft appealed to gamers’ products performance and released two versions of this next generation console, the Series: X and S. There are some substantial differences on price, storage space, and hardware. First and foremost, everyone wants to know how much both new systems are- the X is in the $500 price range and the S is around $300. Both versions are also backwards compatible, meaning they can play games from earlier versions of Xbox consoles. Though the Series X is on the pricier side it will undoubtedly give hardcore gamers what they are looking for. Another difference is that the Series S will game by purely digital means, meaning this version will not use physical disks and instead run on digital downloads and storage space. The Series S’ storage space will be 512GB, processes at 4 teraflops and with a 10GB RAM. While the Series X has a storage space is 1TB, processes at 12 teraflops and powered at 16GB of RAM. Another fun drawing feature the Series X offers is something called enhanced ray tracing. It’s a fancy way of saying that colors, animations and lighting elements trail on screen offering prettier and highly visually engaging qualities. The Series S offers some of the same characteristics of ray tracing qualities though this gaming is better served to game on 4k televisions. However, if one is looking to upgrade without getting a new TV the Series S may be a better purchase. Regardless of how any gamers are looking to spend their time and money they will not be disappointed by the new powerful systems Microsoft teams have worked very hard to develop for loyal consumers of their products.

I looked to this link to give me some helpful information on highlighting differences between the Xbox Series X/S, take a look and see what best applies to your gaming needs.