Sony’s Next Generation System Launch: The PlayStation 5


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PlayStation 5 Digital Version (left) PlayStation 5 Standard Version (right)

Gaston Beltran, Phoenix Staff writer

Well everyone, are you ready for the anticipation of yet again another amazing next generation system launch? I know I am as it’s the one I’ve also been looking forward to getting my hands on: Sony’s PlayStation 5, in all its technologically advanced glory! Fans of previously released systems are always eager for the release of the next impressive pieces of gaming hardware. As gamers get to engage with advanced gaming hardware and experience the time of their lives, they also witness high-end capabilities as extensions of incredible pieces of entertainment and consumer technology. The PlayStation 5 will be released in two versions, the standard PS5 with a price tag of around $500 and a digitally based system of around $300. And please! Before anyone considers these are steep prices, remember that with the guarantee of next generation gaming also comes the necessary support to get the most out of these new powerful consoles. These PlayStation 5’s are also backwards compatible systems, allowing one to play games from previous versions of PlayStation. This is a great nostalgic feeling that lets the gamer relive the experience of past titles while being able to enjoy the next generation of gaming. The key main differences in the digital PS5 and its standard version is that the digital version will not use a disk drive and game by only digital means, which also means it will not feature a 4K UHD Blu-ray player, along with the difference in price. It will have a storage capacity of 825 GBs to store lots of data and content. This systems hardware also runs on something called ultra-high speed SSD’s, meaning that load times will be much quicker giving gamers increased opportunity to transfer data and game with quicker ease. And what would a next generation console be without ray tracing features? The PlayStation 5’s ray tracing features give the best lighting and shadow simulations and expressions of photo-realistic scenes than any of its predecessor’s. Another great feature of this system comes in the form of an extensive 3D audio experience. Introducing the technology powering this feature, The Tempest Engine utilizes components of sound that can trick your brain into believing they are coming from specific spaces in a 3D environment. 3D audio will immerse the gamer in the best ways possible to accurately capture the qualities of sound not just from the directions they’re coming from but capitalizing on the depths of their locations as well. Sony and its development team has again outdone itself! I can’t wait to get the full experience the PlayStation 5 has to offer! Refer to this link for more information on the features and hardware of Sony’s brand-new PlayStation 5, in stores today.