GSU partners with Kansai University of International Studies in Japan


Maria Murillo, Phoenix Staff Writer

Want to travel to another country to study while not paying international student tuition? You are in luck! Governors State University has partnered with Kansai University of International Studies to offer one or two students the opportunity to study in Japan for a year while paying GSU tuition. 

“Kansai University of International Studies is a small private university and has 64 partner schools in the Asia-Pacific region and over 300 international students and over 3,000 students,” said Myako Sato, Senior Chief, Center for Global Education at KUIS.   

 KUIS has three campuses – Miki, Amagasaki, and Kobeyamate. Miki Campus is a school of business, administration and public health and has a Japanese language course, if one would want to perfect the language. Amagasaki focus on business administration and education. Kobeyamate campus is the school of international communication, sociology and psychology. However, this exchange program is not for GSU public health majors, because the health programs require national certifications. Students must understand basic Japanese if studying Japanese language; for the other courses, Japanese of level 2 or higher is required. 

 “Students who are interested must obtain an application form from the Office of International Services to apply; then there is an interview process, and once accepted from GSU, they send the nomination to the exchange program of the university,” said Amy Soub, Assistant Director of Office of International Services. Students will pay the cost of GSU tuition, housing, flight, meals, and visa. The university will assist in the process of obtaining the visa.  

Housing costs are about $350 per month, and the apartments are family style, one can share or be by oneself.   

International students can study one semester which is five months or two semesters, eleven months. The spring semester begins in April and the fall semester in October. If a student chooses two semesters, and if they start from spring, there is a vacation in August and September between the semesters. Students who start from the fall semester will have two breaks: one at year-end, the other in the spring. KUIS offers summer courses for exchange students however most students decide to travel or return to their home during the summer break. 

 KUIS has a support system called Global Plaza which helps students with their documentation, practice Japanese or to plan activities for other students. “Upon arrival students will be picked up from the airport, they will be offered the same day International student guidance, advising support system and life support by student affairs,” said Sato. 

A student can re-apply once the first year is completed. However, GSU and KUIS agreed to exchange one or two students per year, so a repeat student is unlikely. International students are required to take 16 credits per semester, but exchange students can take fewer. 

For more information, contact, Amy Soub, located in the Office of International Services to discuss the application process and identify what is the best program for your academic plan, or visit for the application process.