Winter Car Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Gaston Beltran, Phoenix Staff writer

At times during college enrollment, students have many things to consider; schedules, coursework, major projects with deadlines, and let us not forget what keeps all that work going- our health. COVID-19 continues to linger in our midst, even during a time when this health crisis has the public in a very harsh way, all while doing our best to maintain a level mind and care for ourselves and others.

Well for those of us who own or regularly use automobiles for transportation to and from Governors State University to attend class, work, or commit to other important roles, it’s of high importance to consider your vehicles’ current state of conditions as we enter the early phases of winter. Because winter is coming…for your cars! Winter can be an especially harsh time for how vehicles handle dramatic changes in temperature. These sorts of conditions can cause all kinds of issues from minor to major that can affect how they function. This brings to attention that people, especially drivers or others who use automobiles regularly should take the time to schedule their vehicles for a check up to make sure they are functioning properly and will be in good working order as we start the winter season.

And for those of you who frequent Governors State University in any capacity whether you are student, staff, or administration in or near the Park Forest area also a part of Cook and Will counties, look up Stacy’s Automotive Repair! Located at 84 South Orchard Drive, Park Forest, IL, 60466, Orchard Park Plaza, Phone number 708-481-4466. You can also search the following link taking you directly to their appointments tab to schedule your vehicles check up today! Stay safe out there Jaguars!