Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Walk in The Park


Madelynn Prieboy, Phoenix Staff Writer

Moving on from a year as stressful and as painful as 2020 is not a simple task. Less than one week into 2021, America experienced another history-making act as domestic terrorists stormed the United States Capitol. More history still lies ahead amid the rising COVID-19 cases that led to isolated holidays for most Americans. While giving attention to all of the turmoil that has become a constant in today’s world is important, self-care through a little bit of escapism can prove beneficial. 

Though New Year’s Eve celebrations were likely not so exciting this year, plenty of people still maintain the tradition of forming resolutions. The most popular new years resolutions are still to exercise more and lose weight. With a pandemic comes lack of access to gyms and exercise equipment, and working out in front of the TV can become dull quickly. Luckily, everyone has access to the great outdoors.  

Hiking is a low-impact and easy way to get active and out of the house. The American Hiking Society’s website provides information listing the benefits of going for hikes, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and anxiety. Being able to destress while maintaining a healthy habit and enjoying some natural scenery is a triple whammy of goodness for those who are looking to get back into shape for the new year.  

Looking for a trail to start on might seem intimidating, but GSU provides a beautiful location for new and seasoned hikers alike at the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park. The trails through the park, both paved and grass, feature 30 large sculptures for visitors to enjoy along their walk. The park is also open to the public 365 days a year from dawn until dusk, making it accessible to anybody who is looking to get a scenic workout in. The Nathan Manilow Park is also free to access, making it an ideal spot for a hike with the family when money is tight after the holidays or due to the current pandemic.  

Escapism is something everyone needs for at least a few hours during these hectic times we all live in. Enjoying some beautiful art, connecting with nature, and avoiding the news for a few hours while also losing that “quarantine 15” might be what everybody needs for their mental health. 

Directions and a map of the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park are available on the Centers and Culture page on GSU’s website.