GSU Seniors Don’t Forget to apply for graduation! The DEADLINE is Friday, February 12th!

Gaston Beltran, Phoenix Staff writer

Graduation for Spring and Summer semester students is coming, and much sooner than you may anticipate.

As Seniors reach the end of their degree programs, they need to remember to apply for graduation. You cannot graduate or participate in the graduation ceremony even if you have completely fulfilled your degree program credits/requirements unless you apply.To apply for graduation, log into your GSU portal, go to the left side of the page and scroll down until you see “Online Services.” Click on the “Students” tab then select “Academic Profile” opening another menu with a list of various options. The last option which you may select is “Apply for Degree.” From there it will take applicants to another screen with more important information regarding the graduation form. Please note that there is a non-refundable $125 processing fee due at the time of application for graduation.

Seniors can also get in contact by emailing the Registrar’s office at [email protected] calling the office number 708-534-4500.