Reviewing the Final Performances of GSU’s Opera Cabaret

Gaston Beltran, Phoenix Staff writer

The Center for Performing Arts Opera Up Close program, Opera Cabaret has come to a beautiful close. For Jaguars and those of you who can appreciate the full extent of the beauty and passion of opera, I enthusiastically suggest you reserve your virtual seats the next time this event comes around. You’ll get to enjoy an extended cast of vocal ranges with your host, John Concepcion, that will not only give you a portrait of the love these artists have and create, but also the magic that is opera.

I had the opportunity to watch this program for myself and couldn’t believe I hadn’t taken a closer look at opera before. In each and every piece there was something for me to hold onto. As a performer myself, I couldn’t take my eyes off of their faces, mouths, and bodies because of how they held themselves as they performed with varying pitch. It was incredibly moving to witness. Opera Cabaret featured the talents of Mezzo-Soprano Emma Sorenson, Tenor Jared Esguerra, Soprano Kelsea Webb and Baritone Nicholas Ward.

Audiences will be sure to enjoy everything this wonderful program has to offer the next time it visits GSU. From the vocal range of fantastic performers working around COVID-19 safety precautions to the beautiful video GSU’s media department has been able to provide to give audiences the best viewing quality from home, Opera Cabaret will leave you breathless.

The Opera Cabaret performers covered a wide range of selections that included both classical and contemporary pieces such as “C’est L’amour Vainqueur,” a violin aria From “The Tales of Hoffmann,” “Westwind” from “One Touch of Venus,” “Unexpressed” by John Bucchino, “Wait For It” from Hamilton, “Youkali” by Kurt Weill, and many more.

So Jaguars, the next time Opera Cabaret comes, give yourself, a loved one, or someone else an opportunity to experience the best of operatic performances held in the Center for Performing Arts of Governors State University.
“We Believe The Arts Should Be Accessible To All. Please Pay What You Can”
-The Center for Performing Arts