Student Press Freedom Day is an Opportunity to Reflect on the Privilege and Responsibility of Being a Student Journalist

Sedona Smith, Phoenix Staff Writer

The second annual celebration of Student Press Freedom Day will take place on Feb. 26. The day-long event is organized by the Student Press Law Center. The center states that the goals of Student Press Freedom Day involve raising awareness on the “vital work” of student journalists, highlighting censorship challenges, and “[showcasing] the contribution of journalism education to engaged civic life” (Student Press Law Center, 2021).  

I very recently joined the Phoenix as a student staff writer. Although I am still unfamiliar with many of the technical aspects of journalism, I appreciate how the position has encouraged me to engage more meaningfully with GSU students, staff, and campus events. The opportunity has also provided me with a place to pursue personal interests and social issues. 

Even more than the benefit of personal growth and on-campus engagement, I have a responsibility to the aforementioned students and staff to address issues that are relevant, to report on events that have the potential to enhance student experience, and to celebrate the successes of and within the community. 

We all here at the Phoenix value the experiences and concerns of the campus community. If you have a matter that you believe deserves recognition or attention, please reach out our staff. I, along with any of our other student writers, am eager to meet with you, research the topic, and give light to the matter in a responsible and respectful way.