GSU outlines possible changes to campus

Gaston Beltran, Staff Writer 

The Office of Facilities, Development and Management (FDM) held a Zoom meeting Jan. 22, about possible architectural developments for the future of GSU’s campus, and the department invited students to participate. 

Among the numerous ideas discussed were: 

  • Construction of larger fitness centers, basketball courts, and soccer fields  
  • Increased availability of power sources for charging devices throughout classrooms 
  • Creation of more spaces for student engagement 
  • Relocation of the Veteran’s Center to a different part of campus 

When asked if the development plans included guidelines for social distancing since it is uncertain how long the COVID-19 pandemic conditions will continue, FDM said that it hopes to be in a better position to grapple with changes forced by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that it is something they will continue to keep in mind. 

Keep an eye on your student emails for further information and any notifications for relevant Zoom meetings in the future.