GSU launches weekly SHIELD testing for COVID

Gaston Beltran, Staff Writer 

With no shortage of positive COVID results among our populations, health and safety guidelines continue to emphasize the need for and distribution of testing sites. 

In a further attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus, GSU has partnered with SHIELD Illinois to increase the rate at which they can test individuals. 

SHIELD Illinois is a screening testing program and infrastructure which distributes the University of Illinois’ innovative saliva test across the state. 

Taken from the University of Illinois System  

On March 30, GSU began offering weekly free SHIELD Illinois COVID-19 testing to students and employees. The testing administrators will be available on Tuesdays between 1 – 2:30 p.m. and Thursdays between 10 – 11:30 a.m. in the Hall of Honors 

“Science tells us that consistent testing – even after vaccination – and safe social practices will help keep communities healthy,’’ said Paul Bylaska, Vice President for Administration & Finance. 

A University of Illinois program, SHIELD Illinois requires individuals to deposit a small amount of saliva in a vial. The process usually takes less than five minutes and provides results within 24 hours. 

To get tested, individuals should create an account on the MySHIELD portal and schedule their test appointment. Please follow the URL to the portal website and: 

  • Click on “Sign up for an Account” 
  • Enter the Agency Code (9i508lu5) 
  • Follow the prompts to create your portal account 

On the day of testing, please bring a photo ID and the QR code provided when you scheduled your appointment. To ensure the highest quality samples, individuals should not eat, drink (including water), chew gum, smoke, or use tobacco products within 60 minutes of providing a saliva sample. 

Any food or drink consumed could produce an inconclusive result and require additional testing. Test results will be posted in the patient portal within 24 hours.  

Visit the Governors State COVID updates page for more information on the university’s response to the pandemic. For more information on the saliva test, visit the SHIELD Illinois website. 

This information was made available through the Office of Communications via student emails. Please be sure to keep up with your student emails for new updates and any changes you may need to know about. Remember to maintain social distance of six feet or more, hand sanitize after touching surfaces, use proper facemask covering, wear them properly and stay home if you are not feeling well.