GSU Student’s Evaluation of Instruction Will Be Due Soon

Maria Murillo, Staff Writer 

At the end of each term, Governors State University conducts a “Student Assessment of Instruction” (SEI) process for instructors and courses.  

The goal is to gather input from students so that the courses and instruction can be improved. Once the results are compiled, they will be shared with the instructor, the chair of the department and the dean of the college. The responses are confidential, the faculty will receive a summary report with students’ comments, and faculty members cannot request an uncovered SEI.  

Students are encouraged to complete an evaluation about their experience during the term. Student opinion is highly important and valued.  

“GSU expects all members of the University community to observe University policies. This means that demeaning, intimidating, threatening, or violent comments are unacceptable, as are comments based on the instructor’s sex, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, citizenship, marital status, veteran status or any other basis protected by law,” according to the e-mail send to students.  

Students can still participate if a class was dropped. In the dropped course survey, you will be able to note the class was dropped by clicking on the link provided in your email.  

Remember to complete the survey by April 26. A personalized link was sent to your student email, if you are having trouble accessing the link provided in your email contact the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at [email protected]  

Once the SEI period closes, the system will not allow you to submit a late evaluation.