A Mostly Virtual Spring Semester Draws to a Close

Gaston Beltran, Staff Writer 

Well Jaguars, it’s the end of a challenging but successful semester. As we complete our last assignments and tidy up final projects, we begin the transition into the summer.  

For those of you who aren’t enrolled in summer courses, this will be a great way to kick off the summer. And it’ll be the perfect start to take that much-needed vacation, especially since we missed out on an official Spring Break this year because of GSU’s COVID-19 Policy to end the spring semester a week early. 

And for Jaguars enrolled in the summer semester, it begins May 17, at least a week from when grades are officially due from professors to catch up on some rest and relaxation before hitting the books again. 

However, Jaguars just because it will soon come time to enjoy more time out with friends and loved ones, does NOT mean you should not be mindful about COVID-19 restrictions and the still, yes still current, pandemic. 

While spring term was conducted almost completely online, there is hope for coming semesters. At a virtual town hall on April 5, the GSU Administration said the Summer term will be a period of transition, but indicated they are planning for in-person classes in the fall…with some COVID restrictions and possibly a rotating schedule. 

While there are some vaccines currently available for eligible recipients, those who are vaccinated and non-vaccinated should still be mindful about exercising COVID-19 precautions such as maintaining social distance, emphasizing face mask-covering, and continuing to sanitize hands daily for travel and upon reaching destinations. 

Remember Jaguars, it’s more than possible to have fun and enjoy your summer to the fullest, just be mindful of where you plan to go and prepare beforehand. 

As for The Phoenix, we will take time to recharge so we will come back energized in the fall, ready to deliver our readers all the best and most interesting points of view. See you Aug. 30.