Student Senate still has 4 open positions

Ruben Lopez, Contributing writer

Hello students!  

Student Senate is off to a great start reconnecting and reestablishing campus life, which coincides with our theme for the upcoming year, RESTART.  

I would like to give special recognition to ALL of our senators as we have a nearly full board. We are still seeking a Treasurer, College of Business Representative, Sophomore Student Representative and Residential Student Representative. Anyone interested please email us at [email protected] 

The diversity of our leadership team will bring an array of inspiration and initiative to new student programming and/or the college-wide changes implemented by the student senate.  

Here is a list of senators. Congratulate them when you see them. 

President – Ruben Lopez 

Vice President – Iliana Manrique 

Student Athlete Senator – Edson Gonzalez 

Veteran Student Senator – Julia Murphy 

Student Board of Trustees Representative – Jeanine Latrice Koger 

Illinois Board of Higher Education Representative – Brandon Kyle 

College of Arts & Science Representative – Quincy Crump 

College of Health & Human Services Representative – Garrett Anderson 

Senior Student Senator – Hemza Shaibi 

International Student Senator – Preetham Gorenkala 

Secretary – Takiesha McKinney 

Transfer Student Senator – Sedona Smith 

College of Education Representative – Jhamani Walker 

First Year Student Representative – Brandon Anthony Kyle 

Junior Student Representative – Savannah Carter 

Diversity Student Senator – Eunice Gomez  

Senator at Large – Morgan Langer 

The last senate meeting, held Sept. 9, was a success. Our senators delivered their reports, including student body concerns regarding COVID-19 operation plans and plans to create changes in the future.  

Please join Student Senate for our first Talking Circle of the semester on Sept. 30 from 1:30 to 2:30 pm virtually. Please email [email protected] to RSVP. 

Last, as president of the student senate, I would like to recognize the incoming freshmen who took part in the orientation and welcome week events. These fresh faces to GSU came in with excitement and an eagerness to learn. I wish the classes of 2025 and others much success in completing their program of study at GSU.