GSU adds Bean Bag tournament to Homecoming festivities


Jazmine Grisby

Bean Bag finalists (left to right) Dunja Tatic, Colton Krska, Jordan Towery and Angelique Cowan

Jazmine Grisby, Phoenix Staff Writer

GSU’s Homecoming 2021 launched its inaugural Bean Bag Tournament Monday afternoon. 

Organizers Stacy Amedeo and Bryce Johnsen stressed the importance of the event for students and being able to create a safe space for them to be able to come out and enjoy themselves. 

Amedeo is a 10-year veteran in the College of Arts and Sciences, and Johnsen has spent six years as a graduate advisor for the CAS. 

“I thought it would be a fun event for students, where it’s low stress and opportunity to be outdoors and be able to enjoy one another while it’s still warm,” Johnsen said. 

Amedeo agreed and explained how the event was chosen: “This is a college staple, you know GSU doesn’t always have (as) many college staples as other places, so we wanted to bring that feel here.” 

Eight teams of two persons each competed in the four-round tournament. The first team to 21 points moved on to the next round.  

After each round, both winners and losers got to choose something from the prize table, which contained CAS merchandise such as a t-shirt, notebook, mask, and mug.   

The teams that survived the first three rounds went head-to-head for the championship. The finalists were two GSU women’s basketball team members, Jordan Towery and Angelique Cowan, versus Dunja Tatic, one of GSU’s women’s volleyball players, and Colton Krska, president of both the Accounting Finance and Economic school and Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society. 

The teammates cheered each other enthusiastically, and the Cowan and Towery duo eventually claimed the title.  

When asked about their experience with the game, Cowan said: “I play all the time at home.” But Towery said: “I don’t play much; this is my fifth time playing.” 

The Bean Bag fun didn’t stop when the tournament ended, though, as more students came out to play to just enjoy their time together and the nice weather. 

 “We just thought this would be fun, and we’re just excited to be a part of homecoming,” Amedeo said.