GSU Dance Company kicks off ‘Club Wars’ as new Homecoming event

Nuha Abdessalam, Phoenix Staff Writer

The Center for Student Engagement & Intercultural Programs inaugurated “Club Wars” as part of GSU’s Homecoming 2021.  

The first-time event highlights GSU’s organizations and clubs, offering students an opportunity to take the initiative and interest in clubs they may want to join.   

Christopher McBride, Student Engagement’s Coordinator of Clubs and Organizations, helped to organize the events which were held at the Hall of Governors outside the patio.  

Club Wars is scheduled to be an annual part of the GSU Homecoming festivities.  

“We hope to see many more clubs and organizations, be more supportive, and daring in trying new activities and events out,” McBride said. “It helps liven our campus and our institution in recognizing groups and organizations affiliated with GSU.”  

Six clubs/groups were set to come to the initial event to spread further awareness and opportunities for students interested. One of the groups participating in the Oct. 18 session was GSU’s Dance Company, which drew a large crowd of interested students. The Dance Company has bounced back from a year of COVID-required inactivity and is trying to interest more students in auditioning to become part of its team.    

Marquis Parks, Dance Company president, said, “This is an incredible opportunity to see other clubs that are either starting or relaunching their organization’s mission.”    

For clubs interested in participating in the annual event, direct inquiries to [email protected].