Ivan Soto Named Media Program Advisor

Jazmine Grisby, Phoenix Staff Writer

Media students will see a familiar face as the new advisor after the sudden resignation of Sabrina Carpenter over the summer.  

Ivan Soto, who is currently advisor of the Business Administration, Business and Applied Science, and Economic programs, will be taking over for the Media Program. 

Currently in training, Soto talked about his plan as he transitions into his new Media role: “I am in “learning the new programs that I will eventually advise, which will be Communication, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Media Studies, Nursing BSN, and the Theatre and Performance Studies degree programs. Ultimately, before the end of this semester, I will only advise the aforementioned programs and no longer advise any of the business majors.” 

Talking about his passion for his work, he goes into his method of action when it comes to his ways of guiding students in the right direction “My method of action begins with listening attentively to students, so I know what they need at that time. For example, I oftentimes need to provide students with information pertaining to how to connect with their financial aid counselor, what the process is to sign up for tutoring, how to get help with technological issues, seeking counseling, and with mediating between professors and students. I will go above and beyond for a student.”, he said.  

Previously serving as a mentor and advisor of student clubs he goes into his philosophy about student success, “ I believe that each student can be successful with completing a college degree so long as there is a willingness to do better, and an openness to learn, connect and engage with others.” 

Being one of the first people in his family to go to college and obtain both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, he sheds a little light on his achievements in life and what he loves , “I am a first-generation college graduate who was able to experience a semester abroad in England, and after completing my degree, I found a job working as a language teacher in Taegu, South Korea where I lived for 3 months. I love traveling, sports, jogging and my family!”, he states. 

His willingness for students shines as he states, “I am willing to write letters of recommendation for students who I have a relationship with when they are applying for scholarships and or graduate school” 

“I would like all of my students to know that I am always willing to assist them with any problem that might arise, and I am here to be part of their support team. I believe in creating a safe space for all students, and strongly believe that I am here to serve others with empathy and compassion.”, he states. 

Media Students, welcome your new advisor!