GSU updates its COVID-19 mask regulations


Lana Abdallah

Poster reminding students of GSU’s mask rules.

Lana Abdallah, Phoenix Staff Writer

On Feb. 28, the state of Illinois officially lifted the mask mandate that required individuals to wear a mask in public indoor spaces, and GSU re-examined its policy regarding masking. 

Based on reviews and recommendations from the CDC and Illinois Department of Pubic Health, GSU’s Emergency Response Team and Campus COVID Colleagues Team announced masks will still be required on campus for most areas. This includes in-person classes, passing periods, campus shuttle bus and Metra Trains as well as the Health and Wellness Center. 

However, mask restrictions for some areas have been eased. Masks no longer are  required in open areas such as the residence halls and in the school cafeteria. It is emphasized that students should respect the decision of those who still choose to wear it in those areas and to wear a mask once entering a room.  

University events may still require face coverings and will be posted prior to the event. For more information on COVID-19 policies at GSU visit  

Gov. J.B. Pritzker eased mandate due to the continued decline of COVID cases and hospitalizations. Although now officially lifted across Chicago and Cook County, masks are still required (in accordance with federal law) on public transportation such as inside trains and buses, airports, and health care settings.  

Businesses and venues may still choose to require masks as well as vaccination status, giving local governments the ability to set their own rules based around CDC guidelines and federal law. Schools have also been granted this choice of changing certain rules and keeping certain ones in place.