Jaguar Pride #4: Highlighting Lt. Gov. Stratton’s visit and upcoming Red Summer Dance Workshop

Lara Hrycaj, Contributing Writer

This week’s episode of Jaguar Pride is full of very exciting campus events that recently took place or will happen soon. Dante Corona covers Illinois Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton’s visit to Governors State University to discuss the nationwide teachers shortage. GSU students graduating this spring have a chance to share that graduation story on social media and win prizes in the My Jaguar Journey Contest that Jazmine Grisby reports on this week. Nuha Abdessalam shares with Jaguar Pride the upcoming events hosted by the Academic Resource Center to promote New Student Programs revolving around painting, improv and Bingo. “Red Summer” is an upcoming musical to be performed at GSU in September 2022, and Tiyen Simmons lets you know there are three dance workshops set up by the choreographer of Red Summer Rueben Echoles this week, and the third workshop is an audition for Red Summer. Host of Jaguar Pride Claude T. Martinez gives a review of the Dance Africa event and talks to GSU graduate student Bilal Khan about the event. Finally, John Redfield Jr talks to GSU Food Drive coordinator Ciarra Noel about the April Foods Drive that recently took place on campus.

The Advanced Audio Production Students in the Media Studies Program at Governors State University are producing a weekly newscast called “Jaguar Pride.” This weekly newscast will cover the news and many of the events happening at GSU plus stories on the students and faculty.

“Jaguar Pride” is hosted and edited by Claude T. Martinez. The students reporters record their own packages covering their specific assignment. Dante Corona is the campus news reporter. Nuha Abdessalem covers health and wellness on the GSU campus. Tiyen Simmons is assigned to GSU’s arts and entertainment. John Redfield Jr spotlights a specific faculty member or student each week. Jazmine Grisby is the road reporter asking GSU students questions on different topics each week.

Every Tuesday until the end of the Spring 2022 semester there will be a new episode “Jaguar Pride” posted here on the GSU Phoenix website. Listen to “Jaguar Pride” in the player at the top of this story or by clicking this link Jaguar Pride Episode 4