Join the Phoenix team and help keep the GSU community informed

Nuha Abdessalam, Phoenix Staff writer

Are you a creator who loves to write, take photos, or develop audio and video projects? Are you looking for a way hone your skills and find a platform for your work? 

The Phoenix has an opportunity for you. We report not only about campus life but also events in all departments at GSU and the issues that concern you and the rest of the GSU community. 

 Join us for The Phoenix News Virtual Camp this summer, scheduled from June 16 to Aug. 15.  

Students will receive training in the basics of journalism and writing for various media platforms: print, broadcast, digital and social media. Learn the essentials to make sure your writing is accessible and accurate wherever it is published. Explore the differences between news reporting and commentary. Try your hand at writing commentary, personality profiles, and event coverage. Uncover the secrets of the interview.  

This opportunity to craft your writing skills comes with an added benefit: You get paid. 

The summer camp requires 10 hours of work each of the eight weeks. There is one three-hour online training session plus assignments of reporting and writing to make up the rest of the required 10 hours. 

 Interested students, the deadline to apply is May 15. Please send a cover letter telling us your major, why you want to join The Pheonix News Virtual Camp, and how you think it will benefit you. Please email your cover letter and resume to Dr. Lara Hrycaj and Randall Weissman,