Student Podcast Series “History Impacts” focuses on Clara Barton in Episode #2

Lara Hrycaj, Contributing Writer

The students of the Advanced Audio Production class in the Media Studies Program at GSU are working on developing their own semi-regular podcasts on a variety of subjects. The first episodes have been completed by students covering a variety of topics from the latest in streaming, the importance of music, pit bull education, and history.

The second podcast to be featured in this ongoing series is by Claude T. Martinez entitled “History Impacts.” TheĀ  episode focuses on Clara Barton who became the First President of the American Red Cross. She struggled during her childhood saving her brother at age 10. Later she created the first free school in New Jersey, but lost her job because she was a woman. During the Civil War, she was known as the “Angel of The Battlefield.”

To listen to “History Impacts, Episode 2: Clara Barton” use the media player at the top of the story or click on this link History Impacts Ep 2 Clara Barton