Campus goes to Green status for COVID


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Nuha Abdessalam, Phoenix Staff Writer

GSU has released its COVID-19 response operating plan for fall 2022, and it includes notice that the campus has implemented the lowest level of cautionary guidelines – Green.

The guidelines follow those set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), informed by tracking of COVID-19 Community Levels. Those levels are:
● Green (Low; Initial Measures)
● Yellow (Medium; Additional Measures)
● Red (High; Escalated Measures)
GSU is operating at Public Health Precaution Level Green until further notice. Updated announcements on related COVID-19 precaution levels can be found here read the AY23 Operating Plan for details.)

GSU students, staff, and faculty are responsible for seeking COVID-19 vaccinations and providing appropriate negative test results. This fall, students enrolled in face-to-face classes must show negative test results by Sept. 19, as emphasized in GSU’s COVID-19 protocols. Students can submit proof of test results using MedProctor.

GSU employees must provide proof of vaccination or weekly testing results; anyone who is not fully vaccinated by Oct.  4 must submit proof of negative COVID-19 test results weekly to the University until they become fully immunized.

On whether or not testing for COVID-19 on GSU grounds will continue, former COVID-19 Campus Support Administrator Natasza Juraszek said, “We actually stopped testing as of July 15, this summer. All those seeking tests will need to contact outside sources; our website advises and suggests places.”

GSU’s Emergency Response Team clarified the usage of masks on university grounds depending on Public Health Precaution Level. GSU announced that masks are optional in instructional areas and laboratories under the GREEN Precaution Level.

Additionally, masks will no longer be required in open areas, including the cafeteria and residence halls.

President Dr. Cheryl Green told the Phoenix over the summer that “GSU is committed to promoting a campus climate that is healthy and optimized for learning and development. The primary and most effective way to protect anyone from a communicable disease is for the individual to practice multiple safety protocols. Vaccines and boosters are strongly recommended for everyone.”