GSU kicks off the Fall term with its annual Convocation Ceremony

Class of 2026 welcomed as faculty and staff are honored with Excellence and Baysore Awards.


CCM Producer Dante Corona

GSU Convocation 2022 opening ceremony

Nuha Abdessalam, Phoenix Staff Writer

On Sept. 8, President Cheryl Green, the Board of Trustees of GSU, and faculty paid tribute to  students, staff and faculty by recognizing the wealth of knowledge, leadership and service GSU continues to strive for.

Green shared that as of Sept. 7, GSU’s record numbers of enrolled freshmen students increased by 57% this fall compared with the fall of 2021. In addition, overall enrollment increased by 22.3% from the pre-pandemic enrollment of 2019.

Both the Board of Trustees and Green shared the upcoming strategic GSU goals and framework with Academic Affairs members, completing a comprehensive and in-depth assessment in pursuing select academic programs. Members reviewed distinguished high-impact practices and tackled barriers, including degree completion and recommendations designed to promote greater advancements towards successful outcomes.

Highlights of GSU’s master plan, approved by the Board in August, include student workers’ pay increasing to $15 per hour, a new library, newer classrooms, a newer Student Center, and newer athletic facilities.

GSU students will have access to 50 upgraded, digitally sophisticated learning classrooms with better technology resources.

Green further highlighted GSU’s The College of Arts programs entering in an agreement with Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU) to allow students to earn both a Bachelor’s and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degrees in six years.

This collaboration allows students to complete their final year of undergraduate school at GSU and enroll in their first year of law school at SIU Carbondale.

The partnership allows a more time-conscious, but accelerated schedule to eliminate one year from the traditional seven-year Juris Doctor timeline. It promotes both schools to other accompanying degrees.

The Excellence Award and the Baysore Award were given to faculty members and staff for their outstanding service. The faculty winners of the Excellence Award are:

  • Dr. Walter Henne, Associate Professor College of Arts And Sciences
  • Dr. Rebecca Siefert, Assistant Professor of College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Carlos Ferran, D.B.A, Full Professor College of Business

The winner of Baysore Award goes to:

  • Tracy Sullivan, Associate Vice President Procurement and Business Services