GSU’s Hall of Governors rolls out red carpet for annual Multicultural Fashion Show.


CCM's Alexander Garay

GSU Student Shresta Kamasani

Nuha Abdessalam, Phoenix Staff Writer

The Office of International Service (O.I.S.) & International Culture Organization conducted their annual Multicultural Fashion show this past Thursday, Nov. 17. Students, faculty, staff, and community members were invited to participate in displaying and representing their cultures through traditional clothing, accessories, and dance.

The event allowed student-life and community members to showcase different cultures and their diverse styles.

GSU student Shrestha Kamasani, a current senior pursuing a Business degree, was one of many volunteers dressed to walk the runway and perform a sacred and traditional Indian dance form called Kuchipudi.

“It’s my first time attending, and I’m excited to have a chance to perform a traditional dance like Kuchipudi; it’s the best form of greeting and welcoming to all,” Kamasani said.

Kuchipudi is a dance that requires years to master and become certified; Kamasani, certified and trained in India, delighted GSU’s Hall of Governors with the classical dance, specific postures, movements, hand gestures, and expressions. Kuchipudi is a dance-drama performance praising the God of Dance and welcoming those praising and rejoicing.

In addition to seeing colorful and diverse cultural attire from regions, the event featured several cultural facts and highlights of countries, including Taiwan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Scotland, and more.

Clothing from models’ cultures featured the traditional Nigerian Dashiki, Indian saris, Scottish kilts, and Japanese kimonos.

GSU’s Senior Online Instruction Specialist and instructor, Dr. Scott Thesen, displayed his Scottish roots at this year’s event in a traditional Scottish kilt.  Thesen and English Language Learning Center Director Akiko Ota were among other models from among GSU faculty/staff members on the catwalk.

GSU students Geethika Ravuri and Sai Vidula Boppana, first-time attendees, ecstatically expressed how grateful they were for events like Multicultural Fashion Shows at GSU.

“I was so worried coming to pursue my studies in fear of feeling out of place if practicing cultural traditions, and I’m happy to find how different it actually is,” Ravuri added, “I feel so encouraged in talking about my culture at GSU, and these events make it so I can.”

“Leaving India and coming to the states was scary and still is, but being a student at a university that welcomes my cultural differences, fashion shows, and other similar events makes me feel included and excited to experience campus life,” Boppana said.

Furthermore, the department of O.I.S. treated community members to a diverse food spread that included a variety of ethnic foods like Mexican, Italian, and Indian cuisines.