GSU-UPI to Rally on Monday, Jan. 30


Chris Weber, Phoenix Staff Writer

On Monday, Jan. 30 faculty and staff members at GSU will rally in support of a fair contract again. The group has been working without a contract for around six months.

GSU-UPI members will meet at 3:30 PM on Monday in the Lakeside Lounge. The event is designed to show support before a scheduled membership meeting.

The GSU administration’s bargaining team has agreed to some of the union members’ requests. There are still some issues that the groups have not agreed on. Wages and salary increases continue to be one of the main sticking points holding up an agreement.

At the end of last semester, a mediator was hired to help with the process. The role of a mediator is mostly to encourage both parties to come to an agreement in a more timely fashion. GSU-UPI members continue to focus on securing a fair contract while trying to avoid any disruptions to students at the university.

The next bargaining session between the groups is scheduled for Feb. 6, 2023.