Publish your poetry, prose, or art in ‘Reconstructed’


The spring issue of Reconstructed. Cover Art: “We Exist” by Mariam Ahmed

Chris Weber, Phoenix Staff Writer

The literary and arts journal at GSU, “Reconstructed,” is now accepting submissions for its upcoming issue. The publication has gained a reputation for showcasing thought-provoking and innovative works from emerging writers and artists.

“Reconstructed” is run collaboratively by a team of students and faculty at GSU. The team seeks to provide a platform for artists and writers to showcase their work to a wider audience. Several of the editorial board members have gone on to win collegiate awards.

“I love working with students who are so passionate about literature and the arts,” said faculty advisor Laura White. “We all need community, and we all need work that challenges us and helps us to realize that we can do extraordinary things if we are willing to risk stepping into the unknown. The work of creating a publication puts students through that process. It’s rewarding to nudge students into their powerful potentials, watching them grow in their own confidence and their connection to others.”

The journal publishes nonfiction, fiction, poetry, digital art, drawings, music, multimedia, photography, short films, and sculptures. Reconstructed will consider other artwork too. There is a 3000-word limit for the journal’s printed volumes but they accept longer pieces for the digital journal.

Submissions to “Reconstructed” are open to students and alumni of Governors State University. For more information on how to submit your work to Reconstructed, please visit the journal’s website. The digital journal also hosts a library of entertaining and inspiring work.