The Animal Instinct

Melanie Fitch, Associate Editor

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I have been trying to figure out exactly what this show is for weeks! I love animals, I love music, and I love good food so this seemed like an automatic yes for me. This unique performance combines music, drama and vegetarian cuisine, all with an animal lover theme.  

Now, vegetarian food always seems to get a bad rap because, 

1) Too much money is made by the meat industry for them to comfortably sit back and lose customers to the promotion of the vegetarian lifestyle without a fight.  

2) Too much money is made by the pharmaceutical companies that produce diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke meds. 

However, putting health to the side for a moment, I’ve kept a vegetarian diet for decades and I could never have done that if the food wasn’t good. It’s obvious, if you know me, that I’m not exactly starving.  

The Cat Duet by Rossini, is a humorous piece, reminding us of where the term “catty” comes from and why it continues to stand the test of time when describing that type of behavior. All the Little Horses is a beautiful lullaby and the song Chausson’s The Hummingbird truly has a melancholy sweetness. 

This tribute to all things animal couldn’t have come at a better time. After watching Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Sequel bomb in the box office, it says to me that more people are apathetic about global warming and the environment than we might like to believe. The fact that factory farming is almost as bad for the environment as cars has not served to dampen people’s appetites for burgers and bacon. Hopefully productions like Animal Instinct will help some to realize that pigs, cows and chickens were not created to be food for people. Pigs are more intelligent and self-aware than dogs; they’re just easier to fatten up. But even if you don’t decide to “go vegan” good music and good food can usually be enjoyed by anyone. 

The Animal Instinct seems like a chance to broaden your world and be entertained simultaneously, and I’m looking forward to it. So, if you are looking for something different to do, it is performed on Sept 24, Sunday 4pm right in our Center for Performing Arts. This might be well worth a look. 

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The Animal Instinct