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Melanie Fitch, Associate Editor

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I remember once watching a video of a lizard running on water. It was amazing because this little guy just took off from the shore and shot across a body of water like it was nothing! As it turns out, the Basilisk lizard (I later learned they were called) can run across water for up to about 5 feet at a speed of what, for a human, would be 60 miles an hour. This isn’t a swimming reptile and they don’t have wings so running on water seemed truly fascinating, in my opinion. However, the more I thought about it the less amazed I was because, without going too much into detail, the only thing that lizard had enough of, that many of us don’t, is momentum. 

As this Fall semester begins, there are a million different ways to get off to a rocky start so I won’t try to name them. I will however, give you a key to keeping your head above water. Build up, and maintain, your momentum! No matter what goes down, if you keep your momentum, you’re more likely to at least make it to what I call your next secure spot. (When mapping your educational path, identifying secure spots is as important as doing a degree audit). You must have those times, places or people that are strategically placed in your life so that that just when you feel you’re running out of breath, BAM! There they are! It can be anything from a night out with a friend, a quick trip for some home-cooked food, (infused with mom or grandma’s love!), to a weekend road trip or movie marathon. Whatever they are, make sure that they are enough to keep you nourished mind, body and spirit, until you can make it to your next spot. Personally, I like to take a day every few weeks and cook something that I’ve been craving and then rent a few good movies. Especially comedies. If you have children, something as simple as game night, a funny movie, and good eats can create a life-time memory and still leave time for homework after bedtime. In the case of a significant other, you can feed the relationship and your soul at the same time. All it takes is a little creativity, scheduling, and cooperation.

Getting a degree can be one of the most rewarding experiences any of us will ever have, but if anyone said it was easy they lied, and that’s just referring to the academic part. Dealing with work, home, and any other personal responsibilities isn’t icing; it’s a whole other cake entirely! It can be done however, but sometimes we just have keep being our own hero and walk that water! 

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