The Glass Castle: An Inspiring Memoir

Arnesha Barlow, Staff Reporter

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The Glass Castle is a breathtaking story about a young girl whose family who uses imagination and creativity as a distraction from the poverty they face. This engrossing biography will take you through a journey that is unforgettable. Brie Larson, stars as the main character Jeanette Walls, and does a magnificent job of taking you through her journey in life. The family is homeless and loves to skedaddle when it is time to run. The mother, Rose Mary (Naomi Watts) is a “blind” artist and the father, Rex (Woody Harrelson), an alcoholic had a dissimilar perspective of life. They set out looking for a “stable” home to build the house they always dreamed of which they called The Glass Castle. Although, most people would look at poverty as an unpleasant thing, but The Walls family looked at it as being free or living in freedom. Jeanette and her siblings went on day-by-day looking for a way to better their hectic family. Even through all the brawls and pugnacious situations, love is what kept them together. This loving and complicating story will have your heart in a bundle.

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The Glass Castle: An Inspiring Memoir