Sports Members vs. The 45th President

Briyana Kelly, Staff Writer

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A sensational movement is occurring in sports and political news today. It’s the right of protest by our sports members of America. It’s been made to think that since last year when Colin Kapernick kneeled during the national anthem to stand up for “black” people who are being oppressed by the state, people say that it’s a protest of our military personnel, our brothers and sisters who sacrificed for this country. It’s been stated on many occasions that such is not the case, but the president just won’t maturely accept our view point as a community that we are protesting the injustice, lack of freedom, and oppression that we face in our own home.

Now the truth of the matter is that none of the members in sports were in solidarity with Kapernick when he was protesting last year. In fact, they were silent. They were even more naïve when he wasn’t offered a contract this year by the NFL, but now that the president acted in his own character by disinviting the Golden State Warriors because Steph Curry said he didn’t think he could make it; they act in solidarity. He then went a step further by blatantly disrespecting the NFL, calling them and their mothers a name I won’t mention (just like we don’t mention his name in our community). Now you have the cause and effect of the why to the beginning of this current protest.

It’s sad to see that a lot of sponsors are dropping NFL players for protesting. According to Michael Harriot, a Staff Reporter of The Root dot com, “These individuals and companies all believe that the actual words, actions, freedom and even blood of the black players using the NFL’s platform to address injustice and equality are inferior to the personal feelings of their white detractors who get the heebie-jeebies when they see black people performing any action they feel is objectionable. That’s not racism. That’s white supremacy.” Michael also said, “White supremacy has nothing to do with hate.”

I interviewed a citizen just to get unique perspective on the situation. A male, 41 years old, who is an Occupational Therapist who specializes in Orthopedics who is also “African American” had this to say, “The information presented is misunderstood. It’s not about disrespect of the flag, soldiers, or military personnel. It’s about what’s happening in the country today. All races, ethnic groups, and religious backgrounds participated in the wars with this nation, so why would I want to disrespect my brothers and sisters. So, if I should kneel, I’ll kneel for that to shed light on what’s happening today.

Our communities aren’t educated on the civics in The United States of America. If I was educated on this when I was in elementary or before I just recently discovered this, then I would have never been standing for it in the first place. It’s wrong that the song is in the public like that, and it should have been banned a long time ago. Now as for the sports members sticking together, it’s about “45”. They weren’t doing it a year ago when Colin was doing it. This all just started a week ago after he disinvited the Golden State Warriors, Lebron responded calling him a bum and then “45’ blatantly disrespected the NFL players nationally calling them sons of bitches, etc. I think he’s slow because why would he do such a thing then think he can get away with that? He’s already been informed about our issues: crime, black-on-black murder, police brutality, police framing us, lack of resources, drugs, and miseducation. These are issues that are important to us because they are hindering us from becoming prosperous.

The Solution can be as simple as addressing the subject matter, so that there can be a better understanding publicly”.

There is so much drama surrounding this matter but it can be cleared if the government officials have the conversation with the “African American” community, and stop avoiding the subject matter. It’s beginning to look very immature on a public scale. It’s sad that you have others in this “democracy” telling “black” people how they should operate their First Amendment Right. That’s not how it’s supposed to work, and why is it that “African Americans” are the only group of people that seem to go through this?  When the riots in Charlottesville happen, he didn’t bother telling them how to properly protest, he barely wanted to address it, properly.

We should have some type of event to engage the GSU scholars in a conversation to share perspectives and get the conversation started. Last night in class I had an experience with a peer who sang “God Bless America” to me and seemingly thought it was a joke. It’s no secret that slavery happen in this land to build America after it was destroyed by all the wars that took place here. It seems that the public must have forgotten true patriotic history and why it’s offensive to “black” people who aren’t seeking revenge but equality, justice, freedom, love, and peace.

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Sports Members vs. The 45th President