The Relevancy of Black Fraternal Organizations

Ashley Shelton, Contributing Writer

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On February 28th, Governors State University hosted representatives from nine black fraternities and sororities. This introduction and panel discussion’s purpose was to show the relevancy of black fraternal orders in today’s society. Some of these fraternal organizations include the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and others.

The event started off with three-minute introductions of each organization in attendance, which included mentioning famous individuals who are a part of each organization. Fredrick Douglas, Martian Luther King, Langston Hughes, Michael Jordan, and Maya Angelou are just some of the many famous Americans who joined black fraternal orders and had a large impact on our way of life today. Beyond famous Americans, there are people from all career choices who choose to join a black fraternal order, such as scientists, doctors, lawyers, and communication majors.

So why should GSU students consider joining a black fraternal order? A large reason to join is that lifelong friends can be mad. By joining a fraternal order, your participation around your college campus increases, while you also grow closer to your fellow fraternity brothers and sisters. These fraternal orders host events that range from charity events, to fundraisers, to volunteering opportunities. They also use a large amount of their income to help fund scholarships for high school students who are in need of financial assistance. These scholarships can have a tremendous effect on the lives of young people who are working hard in school and need support.

In the panel portion of the evening, the representatives from all nine fraternal orders came together on stage to answer questions about why GSU students should join their organizations. The moderator of the event pointed out that there are currently no fraternal organizations on the GSU campus at this time, which prompted the speakers to make their argument about why that should change.

“Sororities are able to uplift young black women. They are still in need of support,” Janet Hampton, representing Sigma Gamma Rho said.

“Fraternities challenge students to keep their grades up, and also challenge them to take leadership positions around campus,” Ed Lance of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity said when addressing the issue.

These statements are backed up by statistics. The moderator pointed out

that study done in 2016 found that the average GPA of college undergraduates across the country was only 2.3, while the average GPA of students who are in fraternal orders was around 3.15. The average GPA of undergraduate students at GSU was only 2.3.

Joining a fraternity can also increase your overall happiness and satisfaction with your university. According to the moderator, 75% of the alumni donations at universities across the country were from Greek life members who went to that university. If you are looking to make lifelong friends and give back to your school and community, a black fraternal organization is a great place to start!

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The Relevancy of Black Fraternal Organizations