The Meg: Movie Review

Rj Dusek, Associate Editor

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The great white shark is one of the most popular sharks known to man. The summer of 2018 has a new predator to face. That predator is the Megalodon (meg).
Steve Alten wrote the series titled Meg. The books were about prehistoric sharks that lived in a deep- water trenches. On August 10th, 2018 The Meg was released in theaters wide. The film is about a team of researchers on Mana One, a research station, which makes the biggest discovery of a lifetime. The team discovers a Megalodon in a trench.

The main characters are Jonas Taylor, Suyin Zhang, Jack Morris, Jaxx Herd, Minway Zhang, and James “Mac” Mackriedes. Jason Statham plays Jonas Taylor. Statham is known for playing action roles like The Transporter. Li Bingbing plays Suyin Zhang. Bingbing is known for playing Ada Wong in Resident Evil: Retribution. Rainn Wilson plays Jack Morris. Wilson is known for playing Dwight Schrute in The Office. Ruby Rose plays Jaxx Herd. Rose is known for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and Orange is the New Black. Winston Chao plays Minway Zhang. Chao is known for playing Victor Wong in Skiptrace. The final character is James Mackriedes, known by Taylor as Mac. Cliff Curtis plays Mac. Curtis is known for playing Travis Manawa on Fear the Walking Dead.
This was the latest movie to feature a prehistoric aquatic creature being the antagonist. This film brought the shark to another level. The audience reacted as if the shark was real. The CGI shark looked realistic.
I give The Meg 5 shark bites out of 5.

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The Meg: Movie Review