Living in Prairie Place

Kayla Lloyd, Staff Reporter

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living on campus freshman year grew me a LOT. The first break I came home my mom told me “Kayla you done went down there and grew up on me!” She said I grew so much in so little time. Living on campus taught me a lot of things. I learned about myself and I learned a lot about people. If I hadn’t lived on campus, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today.

At Governors State (GSU), Prairie Place is the first and only residence hall on campus. It was built in 2014. I’ve been living in Prairie Place for two years now and I love it. It’s one of the nicest and modern style residence halls I’ve ever seen. They look like apartments. All of the rooms are suite style. You can choose to share a room or not share a room. Some suites have only 2 bedrooms but most have 4 bedrooms in them. The dorm houses undergrad and a few grad students. Prairie has a laundry room, which is located on the first floor. There are a total of three floors in the building. Most of the amenities like the gym are located in the university buildings not the actual residence hall. But the university is down the street. The gym is Building A which is the first building you see down the street from Prairie Place. Trust me it’s like a 5 min walk from the dorm to the gym. So it’s no excuse for someone not to workout. Prairie Place has six 6 resident assistants (RA’s) in the building with two on each floor. Prairie Place is co-ed but boys and girls cannot live together meaning they cannot share a room.

Prairie Place prides itself on making their residents their number 1 priority! Each prairie place resident receives a newsletter. This is the Prairie Place housing newsletter called “News on the Prairie”. This newsletter contains updates regarding prairie place, activities and events happening around campus, and activities/events happening in Prairie Place. Don’t be mistaken though; Prairie Place wants all of its residents to succeed in school since that’s what students come to college to do. The RA’s host study tables weekly on different days throughout each semester. Study tables are for students who need a place to study or just prefer studying in a group setting. They host informationals for students who need access to resources and don’t know how to find them on campus such as the tutoring center or the counseling center. Living in Prairie Place give students’ direct access they need for resources on campus. Living in Prairie Place gives students the pathways to success. Living on campus connects you with people and helps you make friendships that could last a lifetime.

~ From your fav reporter, always giving you the real real deal

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Living in Prairie Place