The Predator:Movie Review

Rj Dusek, Associate Editor

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Arnold Schwarzenegger once fought an alien in the middle of the jungle. He quoted,” If it bleeds, we can kill it.” Now that same alien is in our own back yard. The Predator is back.

The Predator was released on September 14, 2018. This film is part of the Predator franchise. The Predator movies started with Predator in 1987 starring Schwarzenegger, the sequel Predator 2 in 1990 starring Danny Glover and Predators in 2010 starring Adrien Brody. Now in 2018, the Predators are back with new tricks up their sleeves. The film made $101 million in the box office with $88 million as the budget.

Army Ranger sniper Quinn McKenna survives an encounter with a Predator in the jungle. Now Will Traeger is a leader of a unit to find the Predators. Traeger enlists the help of Dr. Casey Brackett to help research the Predator. McKenna is sent on a busy for being diagnosed with a mental disorder. Now it is up to McKenna and a group of PTSD soldiers to take down the Predator before it finds McKenna’s son Rory. The men have a new problem to deal with as well, an 11ft Predator with 2 Predator dogs going after the first Predator. With all of the Predators Quinn McKenna is in the fight of his life.

The film has an all-star cast. Each character has their own strengths to take down the Predators. Quinn McKenna is played by Boyd Holbrook. McKenna is an elite sniper. Holbrook is known for playing Donald Peirce in Logan. Casey Bracket is played by Olivia Munn. Bracket is a scientist that studies the Predators throughout the movie. Munn is known for being the host of Attack of the Show. Will Trager is played by Sterling K. Brown. Traeger is the leader of the Stargazer Project and works for the government. Brown is known for playing Sherman in Hotel Artimus. Nebraska Williams is played by Trevente Rhodes. Nebraska is one of the PTSD soldiers who becomes McKenna’s friend. Rhodes is known for playing Ben Milo in 12 Strong. Rory McKenna is played by Jacob Tremblay. Rory learns the language of the Predators and becomes the key of taking them down. Tremblay is known for playing August “Auggie” Pullman in Wonder.

The film was one of the most anticipated movies of the year behind the Meg. The Predator films have been around since the late 80s and are continuing till this day. The Predator had some of the best CGI in any film. The make up for the Predators were amazing. The 11ft tall Predator was a tracker and you can tell the difference in the color of its skin. The skin was a purple color while the original predator had a lizard like skin. The action scenes were amazing and the explosions were added for effect. The film blew me away because I have been a fan of these films all my life. They even added a one liner from the original movie. Nebraska quoted “Get to the choppers.” That brought back the original line from Predator. That line was said by Schwarzenegger. The Predator timeline is not completed yet with possible sequels coming in the future.

The Predator had more pros than cons. One of the pros is the cast. This cast comes from different backgrounds in movies. Munn’s background is hosting TV shows while Holbrook stars in Marvel movies and Narcos. Another pro is the Predators themselves. In Predators, they had more than one Predator that hunted humans. Now the Predators have a tracker that can hunt about anything. The only con was that Schwarzenegger was not in it. It would be nice to see him back in a Predator film.

I give The Predator 5 laser blasts out 5.


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The Predator:Movie Review