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Kayla Lloyd, Staff Reporter

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Have you  noticed  it’s November and it’s still only 23 degrees?  Did you all notice how long it took for it to get cold? Record high temperatures have been set in Illinois and across the country. Climate change has been one of the most trending topics of the millennium. Reports state the average global temperature is rising faster than anything modern civilization has experienced. Reports also state  food supply issues, pest problems, shrinking islands, and rising temperatures are a result from climate change.

The Midwest, is one of the main parts of the being affected. Farmers are trying to adjust their crops to the new temperatures but it’s tough. I remember people used to shrug off climate change like it wasn’t true or it was just a theory. I’ve never understood why people never took this seriously. The Earth is changing. Do you think us humans caused this change in the climate? or is it Earth’s “doing it’s thing?”

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Let’s Talk About It