Resident Evil 2 REturns to a New Level

RJ Dusek, Editor in Chief





Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield (Photo Courtesy of

Video games are now being remastered in every way possible. There is one game that people have been waiting for. That game is Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2 was originally released in 1998 with positive reviews. This is not only a remaster; this is a brand new game. Resident Evil 2 Remake was released on January 25th, 2019. This game was one that the Resident Evil fans have been waiting for. The story is still the same as the original game. You are trying to survive in Raccoon City. The game is set up in scenarios. That means the story continues to unlock the true ending. The scenarios are the same as the original. Instead of the “B scenario,” it’s called the 2nd scenario.

The characters you play, as are Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Leon is a rookie police officer. This is his first day on the force as well. Leon is a quick thinker. He joined the force so he can help out people. Claire Redfield is a university student looking for her brother Chris Redfield. Her brother trained her as well. Claire is someone that is caring like Leon. She is able to get out of situations that are dangerous.

There are side characters you get to play as. There are only 2 characters. The characters are Ada Wong and Sherry Birkin. Ada is only playable in Leon’s story and Sherry is only playable in Claire’s. Ada has an EMF device where she can turn on different electronics. Sherry is in a new stage called the Orphanage. This stage is all about hiding. Chief Brian Irons has Sherry locked up in a room, and Sherry is trying to find a way out.

The enemies got a whole new revamp. The zombies are now taking you down in packs rather than just alone. The Lickers are a classic Resident Evil enemy. They debuted in the original Resident Evil 2. Lickers hunt by sound as well. In this game, you can walk right past them. If you run, the Lickers can catch you faster than you think. Another big change was the Tyrant known as “Mr. X.” Mr. X is one of the scariest creatures in this game. He is stalking you throughout the game. Mr. X now wears a fedora, and if you knock it off he will be more aggressive. Another major enemy that got a change is William Birkin. He is the main boss in this game. William is infected with the G Virus. He has different stages, and each one is powerful.

The game itself is amazing. The style that Capcom decided to go with was the Resident Evil 4 behind the back camera angle. The camera is over the shoulder; Original Resident Evil games have the camera in the corner. The graphics are amazing as well. The RE Engine was used again by Capcom. This engine’s debut was Resident Evil 7:biohazard. The engine has the characters with more realistic facial features.

Overall, the game was extremely fun. I have been a fan of this franchise since I was a little kid. This made my inner child come out saying, “ Where are the zombies and Lickers?” Nick Apostolides, Leon’s voice actor, said “Games are changing. They want everything to be life like. The situations were to be as real as possible.”

Resident Evil 2 gets a 10/10