Cooking Like an Egyptian

Mizani Brooks and RJ Dusek

Something good was cooking on Oct. 2, as the Office of International Services where the International Culture Organization (ICO) and Prairie Place hosted The International Cooking Lesson in the kitchen at Prairie Place.  

GSU’s very own student Marina Ibrahim taught fellow students the traditional Egyptian methods to kitchen and food preparation. The dish being made was essentially an Egyptian beef stew with side dish of rice and a salad. The dish for the salad was just called a salad.  This dish does contain a lot of onions; so if you want to make this dish prepare to possibly cry, yet also enjoy a wonderfully tasting stew. 

The food was extraordinary to eat. The beef stew was the one thing I, RJ, had my eyes on the entire time. I never had Egyptian food before, but I am always open to try new things for curiosity. Seeing Ibrahim cook was especially amazing. She had a way of cooking that I have never seen before allowing myself to be able to try new things from a country I have never been to before. I was happy to attend this event, and was able to try new things.  

The club itself was welcoming as well. In fact, our photographer Tyrone Whitted became a member right then.  If you have not had the chance, check out the ICO club here at GSU, and check out their upcoming events at: