Jefferson Starship comes to GSU

RJ Dusek , Editor in Chief

Popular band Jefferson Starship came to GSU for the 50th Anniversary homecoming with a sold-out show. Band members Jude Gold, David Friedberg, Cathy Richardson, Chris Smith, and Bonnie Baldwin rocked the stage on Oct. 19. The concert itself was an extraordinary experience. I had never attended a Jefferson Starship concert before, but I’ve heard of the band. The audience was a big part of the concert. They had an unforgettable, energetic vibe. I was happy to get a seat close to the stage so I could see everything that was going on. They sang some hit songs such as Somebody to Love, and We Built this City. These songs are some of their most famous songs.  

At 7 p.m., around 10 people lined up for the VIP meet-and-greet with the band. People won prizes from a quiz on Jefferson Starship given by a professor from GSU. I learned many facts about Jefferson Starship at this VIP meet-and-greetDid you know Jefferson Starship was featured in the movie Wet Hot American Summer with their song Jane? 

Starship had a special vibe – they work hard to get the audience involved with the concertDuring this time, there was a free photo booth, and a silent auction for rock and roll memorabilia. The memorabilia included from some of the most famous artists out there such as autographed albums from Mick Jagger and Sir Elton John, oh, and a solid gold chain. 

 The concert started at 8 p.m. There was no intermission between the sets. Standard concert would have a 15-minute intermission during the concert. Jefferson Starship wanted to go right through the concert itself. From what I saw on the stage, they had a lot of fun. Even though I did not know some of the songs, many in the audience sang along. With Jefferson Starship performing, the audience had a good time. They played one of my favorite songs Somebody to Love. I like this song because I have a history with it because I heard the song over and over. It was in the movie the Cable Guy starring Jim Carry.  

I felt like I was going through the years of Jefferson Starship themselves. I learned new songs from them, and heard new songs by the artist. songs that I’ve heard before. I love psychedelic rock, so this concert was a phenomenal experience. The projector in the background had surreal, kaleidoscope-esque visuals that added to their psychedelic sound. The singing was incredible, and I felt like I was at Woodstock the day they performed. I was happy to attend this concert and hopefully I can attend more like this. 

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