GSU celebrates LGBT History Month

Dana Solatka, Staff Writer

October is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) history month.  


GSU’s festivities, while limited, aim to show the history and impact of LGBT individuals. On Oct. 10, the university hosted LGBT safe zone training for staff and an event titled Queering Hip Hop open to all staff and students. Safe zone training aims to raise staff awareness about gender and sexual identities while Queering Hip Hop placed a muchneeded emphasis on black queer people in the hiphop genre.  


On Oct. 31, the university hosted A Discussion on Ball Culture. The event discussed what a ball is (spoiler: it’s kind of like a drag show with some differences in terminology and end goal) and ball culture through the lens of race, gender, and sexual orientation. 


In terms of ongoing events, the B-wing display case is exhibiting an LGBT history display. Students are also encouraged to check out the plethora of LGBT resources at the school library. They can visit the library’s website and search LGBT or any related terms or ask the reference desk.  


As always, all students are encouraged to engage in these activities and learn about how LGBT history influences their own.