Sex in the Dark

Mizani Brooks, Staff Writer

GSU got in the dark and judgmentfree on Oct. 1 in the Hall of Honors with Sex in the Dark hosted by New Student Programs (NSP) that focused on talking about the importance of safe sex, sharing stories of experience all within staying anonymous, and other activities to engage students.  

The event only had a few rules that the attendance had to follow: everything that was said in confidence stayed in the room, no phones on or no one on their phones, and the lights are off in complete darkness and facing the wall once the event started for the first half of the event. A few GSU students assisted in the event as peer mentors such as Denzel Vance-Cousin, an accounting major and peer mentor who said: “It was just a little discussion as far as it was open and anonymous with the ability to be vulnerable but not be within the spotlight. The only way that a person would respond to a statement being made is to shake a bowl of rice that was given to you to the statement that applied to you without people knowing.” 

Sex in the Dark was there to make sure people were comfortable in an open discussion regarding sex, while asking any questions that they may have. 

Vance-Cousin explained, “There was no such thing as a dumb question as well as having a discussion in how to use certain contraceptives and advice in anything involving sex, from having a comfortable conversation with your partner to being able to say no to intercourse. With that it was a very great turnout.” 

Attendees were also welcome to give their own advice and if they wanted to share their own experience with sexual intercourse if they were comfortable with doing so. This event allowed students to explore an often difficult and awkward subject that should be discussed more within society and community groups.