I’ll be Back Terminator Dark Fate Review

RJ Dusek , Editor in Chief

Terminator has a new movie called Terminator Dark Fate. 

Terminator Dark Fate was released on November 1st, 2019. The film was one of the most anticipated films of the year. Its Box Office result was $234 million. This film met its quota from its budget. This film was directed by Tim Miller, the director of the movie Deadpool. This also brought back James Cameron, who directed the first and second movie. It stars Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, and Gabriel Luna.  

Taking place after the second film, Sarah Connor is protecting another person from terminators. She is assisted by Carl, the T-800, and Grace a human who has been modified to help save DaniDani is the one they are protecting from the terminator known as the Rev-9. The Rev-9 is a terminator that can clone itself and take more damage than any other Terminator.  

The film brought back Linda Hamilton. She was involved with these films since the very beginning. They even put her likeness to make it look like she was younger in the beginning scenes of the film. Arnold Schwarzenegger comes back as the T-800 known as Carl. Schwarzenegger was involved from the beginning as well. The T-800 has a simple life in this one. He has a family and has a name too. Mackenzie Davis plays Grace. Grace is a cyborg designed to save Dani. Grace was sent back to help Dani, but did not expect the aid of Sarah Connor. Natalia Reyes plays Dani. Her real name is Daniela; people shorten her name to Dani. She is the one who is being hunted by the new terminator, the Rev-9. Gabriel Luna plays the Rev-9. This is a prototype terminator sent back to eliminate Dani. This terminator can clone itself, and sustain more damage than any other terminator.  

The film itself was amazing. It was great to see the trio of Cameron, Hamilton, and Schwarzenegger working together again. They were at the beginning of all of this. I did not like the Rev-9 at all. This new terminator was cliché and was predictable. The film was a film you could not anticipate what Sarah and Grace were going to fight. Sarah does not like the terminators at all.  

The only con I see was the Rev-9. I personally did not like his style and how he acted around people. The pros were the trio working together again. It has been a long time since these three have worked together. The other pro was the fights, the fights were well done and I liked how they turned out.  

I give Dark Fate 4/5.