GSU Presents Spanish for Health Professions

Dana Solatka, Staff Writer

GSU is offering SPAN 3400 – Spanish for Health Professions for the spring 2020 semester. The class will be held on Wednesdays at 4:30 and is to be taught by Dr. Reynolds Andujar. 


Dr. Andujar recommends the class to “students with a solid foundation in Spanish (4 semesters in high school or heritage or native speakers) who want specific knowledge of vocabulary and culture for work in the health professions.”  


He said this is the second time the class has been taught. “We first taught the class to two students as independent study, in some ways to test the syllabus and the materials,” he said 


Andujar said the course will focus on learning “the terminology for general medicine and cultural aspects of health that could be useful for doctors and nurses, psychologists and caregivers”.  


If interested in Spanish but don’t know where to begin Dr. Andujar advised: “We offer different levels of Spanish, as well Spanish for the Professions. We are very flexible in terms of scheduling.  


There are also several Latinix history and culture classes offered next semester, such as SPAN 4100 Women in Latinx Film and SPAN 4200 Hispanic Experience in the US. 


Students interested in this class should either enroll or contact Dr. Reynolds Andujar at randu[email protected]