Counseling Workshops Offered

RJ Dusek , Associate Editor

The Counseling and Wellness center provides workshops.  

The counseling and Wellness Center in April 2020 started a COVID-19 support Workshop. This Workshop is to provide information about trusted resources to review during COVID-19 2 to stay informed. There is a six-step process to manage anxiety and other mental and emotional concerns during COVID-19. There is also a four-step tip for improving motivation and routine for school and work performance. There was also fun virtual resources such as games apps and websites to visit to help you de-stress and stay fit during COVID-19. The counseling and Wellness Center provides this to GSU students who are struggling during the COVID-19 quarantine. According to Kristina Wilkerson, “Our workshops provide education resources and support on physical mental and emotional health to help the GSU community. There was also a sexual assault prevention Workshop how old in April 2020. This Workshop helps people educate themselves regarding what is sexual assault and domestic violence. This also goes over understanding the word consent. The sexual assault prevention Workshop also goes over resources for support and additional education regarding sexual assault prevention and care. There are upcoming workshops in May and June for the counseling and Wellness Center. The first one is managing grief during COVID-19, the second one is how to avoid the COVID 15 lb and finally navigating a change in the unknown during and after COVID-19. The counseling and Wellness Center will stay open to help students the Via Zoom. 

Everyone is struggling throughout this quarantine and GSU providing students with information that could help us stay safe.